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Socket connectors

MPE-Garry develops and produces circuit board connectors and complete connector systems for use with printed circuit boards in both Asia and Europe. In addition to female headers in all common pitches, we also offer mating pin headers and cable connectors for all types of “board to board” or “wire to board” connections. In addition, we attach great importance to highest quality and punctual deliveries.

What types of socket connectors does MPE-Garry offer?

MPE-Garry offers complete connector systems in single or double row version with pitches of 0.50 mm, 0.80 mm, 1.00 mm, 1.25 mm, 1.27 mm, 2.00 mm, 2.50 mm , 2.54 mm, 3.00 mm, 3.96 mm, 4.20 mm and 5.08 mm as well as mixed forms of these. Almost all versions are available for soldering (wave soldering), pin-in-paste (reflow) as well as for SMD / SMT assembly. Vertical as well as horizontal (right angled) orientated socket strips allow extremely flexible configurations of the printed circuit boards. Versions for cable termination are available as IDC or crimp connectors. Tin plated and also gold-plated variants in different layer thicknesses as well as selective plated versions are available as standard for almost all series. Almost all versions are available both in low-cost versions with stamped and formed contacts and for high-end applications with precision turned contacts. A major advantage at MPE-Garry is the great flexibility with customer-specific solutions. Customer-specific socket connectors can be implemented very quickly and without a large investment. In addition to special shapes for the insulator, specially shaped contacts and special contact surfaces can also be implemented easily.

For whom are the socket strips from MPE-Garry suitable?

The socket strips from MPE-Garry and the mating pin headers are ideally suited for applications in industrial electronics, measurement technology, medical technology, entertainment electronics and in the computer industry. Customized solutions have also been developed for the automotive industry and for use in household appliances.

FAQ socket strips

Can MPE-Garry's socket strips also be supplied on tape and reel to enable automatic assembly?

Yes, all of our socket strips can be supplied on tape and reel. The parts are then equipped with a corresponding pick and place cap.

Is partial assembly also possible for the socket strips with precision contacts?

Yes, this is possible without any problems and in any configuration.

Does MPE-Garry also have the appropriate crimp tools for the crimp contacts?

Yes, MPE-Garry also offers crimp tools for all of its crimp contacts. Either simple manual crimping pliers or complex tools for crimping machines are available.

Can customer-specific layer thicknesses be offered for the contact surface?

Yes, MPE-Garry is very flexible here. However, depending on the type and thickness of the finish, there may be minimum purchase quantities.

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