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Wire to Board Connector

MPE-Garry offers different, high-quality connector systems for connecting cables or individual wires with printed circuit boards. In addition to an extensive standard range, customer-specific parts, sometimes highly complex solutions, are offered as well. The spectrum of transferable currents ranges from smallest signal up to high-current solutions for high-performance power supplies.

What types of wire-to-board connectors does MPE-Garry offer?

MPE-Garry offers single or double-row cable-to-board connectors in 1.25 mm, 1.27 mm, 1.50 mm, 2.00 mm, 2.50 mm, 2.54 m, 3.00 mm, 3.96 mm and 4.20 mm pitch. The cable connection is made either via a crimp connection or an insulation displacement termination (IDC). Wire sizes from AWG 32 to AWG 16 (0.3 mm² to 1.3 mm²) can be processed. The mating parts for the PCB are available in both, standing (vertical) and angled (horizontal) versions for through hole soldering or SMD mounting. Tinned and gold-plated contacts in different layer thicknesses as well as selective finishes are available as standard for many series. A polarizing feature by an asymmetrical shape of the insulator ensures a pole-correct mating in almost all versions. In addition, some series are equipped with an active locking system, which prevents against accidental disconnection. MPE-Garry also offers suitable tools for all series. In addition to high-quality hand crimping tools, crimp applicators for use with automatic crimping machines are also offered. A major advantage of MPE-Garry is the great flexibility offering customer-specific solutions. Customer-specific wire-to-board connectors can be implemented very quickly and in the highest quality. In addition to special shapes for the insulating body, specially shaped contacts and special contact surfaces can also be easily implemented.

For whom are MPE-Garry cable plug systems suitable?

MPE-Garry's wire-to-board connectors are ideally suited for applications in industrial electronics, measurement technology, medical technology, consumer electronics and computer industry. Customer-specific solutions have also been developed for the automotive industry and for use in household appliances.

FAQ wire-to-board connectors:

Are the crimp contacts also suitable for fully automatic processing?

Yes, all our crimp contacts can also be supplied on rell and are suitable for processing on crimping machines.

Can MPE-Garry also supply ready-made cable assemblies?

Yes, the processing of our cable connectors according to customer specifications is not a problem at all.

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