Device to Board

Device to Board

IC Socket, Carrier

MPE-Garry develops and manufactures IC sockets with precision turned contacts in all common configurations in Germany. Pin adapters loaded with precision contacts are also available to mate with these socket systems. These sockets are offered in 2.54 mm standard pitch as well as in 1.778 mm pitch Shrink DIP and 1.27 mm pitch quad-in-line variations. MPE-Garry attaches great importance to punctual deliveries and the highest quality.

Pin adapter for IC sockets Pinadaptor for IC-Sockets in different variations, pitches and surfaces. Many different contact shapes for wire soldering as an option. Customized connectors.
PGA Socket PGA Sockets and carrier for all common layouts and pitches with precision turned contacts for trough hole, SMD / SMT and wire wrap termination.
PLCC Socket PLCC sockets according JEDEC MO-047 / MO-052 for SMD or through hole soldering.