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It is not easy


the corona pandemic and the associated restrictions are commanding our lives and complicate many things.

The subject of corona will occupy us for some time to come. Therefore, we must learn to live with this virus and come to terms with its effects. The existing protective and hygienic measures naturally remain an integral and important part of our daily activities.

We have implemented short-time work until 31 March 2021, and are still facing economic challenges. The goal is and remains the safeguarding of all jobs in the company.

Due to Covid-19, the plans for the new building have also been postponed. But already in the coming weeks the first departments will start moving into the new building.

In this issue of verbinder, we report on the Franz-Binder-Verbundschule as well as connectors for medical applications. There are also interesting updates from our affiliated companies binder Netherlands, binder Austria and binder solutions.

It is very important in these difficult times that we pull together, stick together and get through it together.

Happy reading!
Kindest regards,


Markus Binder

General Manager


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