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Dear reader,

Sadly, the Covid-19 situation has become much worse in recent weeks. I hope that the situation will improve as more people get vaccinated and the current regulations in place, requiring proof of vaccination, a negative test or recovery at the workplace and proof of vaccination or recovery in certain public areas, begin to push down the number of cases. I would ask each of you to get vaccinated.

The limited supply of raw materials and input materials continues to affect production at our company. In spite of this, our order books remain strong thanks to robust sales and a large volume of incoming orders. I really hope this trend continues into next year. Starting in December, I will regularly discuss current topics and developments at binder in an internal video message. By doing this, I want to foster dialogue and ensure that our workforce is always up to date on the key issues facing our company.

In addition to the strategic reorganisation in sales, we will be addressing the importance of sustainability in the corporate context in this edition. There will also be exciting updates from our affiliates, binder USA, binder Swiss, binder precision parts and binder solutions.

I wish you and your families a happy Christmas and a successful start to 2022.

Happy reading!
Kindest regards,

Markus Binder
General Manager of the binder group

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