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IC Socket, Carrier

MPE-Garry develops and manufactures IC sockets with precision turned contacts in all common configurations in Germany. Pin adapters loaded with precision contacts are also available to mate with these socket systems. These sockets are offered in 2.54 mm standard pitch as well as in 1.778 mm pitch Shrink DIP and 1.27 mm pitch quad-in-line variations. MPE-Garry attaches great importance to punctual deliveries and the highest quality.

What types of IC sockets does MPE-Garry offer?

The IC sockets manufactured by MPE-Garry are offered in all common pin counts from 4 to 64 pins. Available are the standard row pitches of 200 mil, 300 mil, 400 mil, 600 mil and 900 mil. The insulators are alternatively offered with or without a centre bar and for a high number of positions also with two centre bars. The precision turned contacts used for these sockets are mostly equipped with a 4-finger contact spring. Contacts with are used for high pin count versions are available with a 6-finger contact for lower insertion force. All versions are for soldering (wave soldering), pin-in-paste (reflow) and SMD/SMT assembly. In it´s standard version, the contact shell is tin plated and the integrated contact spring is gold plated. This ensures excellent electrical contact combined with very good solderability. Many different contact shapes allow different heights of the socket. Special right-angled versions are ideal for socketing displays. All versions can be supplied with an integrated decoupling capacitor as an option. Of course, all IC sockets can also be offered partially loaded. This is an excellent way to lower costs.

For whom are the IC sockets from MPE-Garry suitable?

The sockets from MPE-Garry and the mating pin adapters are ideally suited for applications in industrial electronics, measurement technology, medical technology, consumer electronics and the computer industry.

FAQ IC socket:

Can MPE-Garry's IC sockets also be supplied on tape and reel for automatic assembly?

Yes, all of our IC sockets can also be supplied on tape and reel. Grabber systems are recommended for the pick and place action. However, a version with an integrated area for a vacuum nozzle is available as well.

Can the contact springs also be offered with a higher level of gold plating?

Yes, MPE-Garry is very flexible here. However, depending on the thickness of the finish, there may be minimum purchase quantities.

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