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Technical data
Pitch (mm) 2,54
Mating pin size (range) ø 0,40-0,56
☐ 0,25x0,45
Pincount 6, 8, 10, 12 ... 40
Gender Female
Polarising no
Material contact Copper alloy
Plating contact Au, Sn
Rated current IEC 3,0 A
Rated voltage 150 V RMS / V DC
Withstand voltage 1000 V RMS for 1 Minute
Operating temperature -55°C to +125°C
Max. processing temper. 260°C for 10 seconds
Board termination Through hole Through hole
Orientation to PCB Vertical Vertical
No of rows 2
Row distance (code) 300 mil, 600 mil
Contact type For Carrier LP (SC), For Carrier MCS+S (SH), For Carrier Standard
Clip style 4 finger clip
Plating clip Au, Au 0,5 µ, Au 0,75 µ
Row distance (mm) 15,24, 7,62
Material clip Berylium Copper
Contact style Turned
Socket layout DIL (Dual-in-line) DIL (Dual-in-line)
Type Carrier, IC Socket
Packaging Standard
Pincount Row distance (code) Row distance (mm)
006300 mil7,62
008300 mil7,62
014300 mil7,62
016300 mil7,62
018300 mil7,62
020300 mil7,62
024600 mil15,20
028600 mil15,20
032600 mil15,20
+49 (0) 83 62 / 91 56-0