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Low-profile version for parallel SMD mounting.

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Technical data
Pincount 8, 10
Material contact Phosphor bronze
Plating contact Au
Material insulator Thermoplast UL94V-0
Rated current IEC 1,0 A
Rated voltage 125 V RMS / V DC
Withstand voltage 500 V RMS for 1 Minute
Operating temperature -40°C to +70°C
Max. processing temper. 260°C for 10 seconds
Board termination SMD Gull Wing SMD Gull Wing
Orientation to PCB Parallel Parallel
Cap With cap, With kapton tape, Without cap
No of positions 08, 10
Packaging Bulk, Not specified, Paper carrier tape, Reel ... Tube
No of positions Pincount A B C D
+49 (0) 83 62 / 91 56-0