MPE-Garry - Your reliable partner for automation

Since 1978, MPE-Garry has been producing and developing precision connectors and PCB connection systems. It offers a wide range of standard and special solutions for safe and efficient signal and power transmission.

We are already supporting the advances of automation in assembly with our multi-faceted solutions for automatically assembled SMD or THR connectors aswell as reflow-capable stamped parts. These products are delivered automatically in tape & reel packaging, to increase your productivity and reduce your costs. MPE-Garry can also support you with its many years of experience in the conversion of THT connectors, which must be equipped by hand, to automatically mountable THR components. Here MPE-Garry offers the possibility tomodify the existing THT connectors and to design THR-compliant for the reflow process. For example, the length of the solder pins is adapted to your PCB thickness and the reflow soldering process and a temperature-resistant insulating body (for example LCP) is used. A process-compatible packaging with pick and place feature now enables automatic placement.

Your advantage:
By a small effort on modifications, the process capability of THT plug connectors can be achieved, which leads to considerable reduction of the production costs. The return on investment for tool modification is thus fast and your products become more competitive. In this course, other modifications such as firstmate / last brake contacts can be realized, which can increase air and creepage distances, for example. We would like to support you in this process, please contact us to discuss your application.

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