Connectors for Power- and Signal Transmission

A new range of high performance power connectors has been launched by MPE-Garry. This new series 724 / 725 is able to transmit currents up to 25 A per way with a minimum board space requirement.

These parts are offered as pure power connectors with power contacts only as well as combination connectors with a mix of power and signal contacts. The most compact design of these parts has been achieved using a pitch of 5,00 / 2,00 mm only. Available is a variety of different pin counts from 2 to 8 power contacts and 16 to 80 signal contacts. A special design of the insulator allows air circulation around the contacts which results in an optimized cooling of the whole connector system. This series is offered as through hole version for horizontal and vertical board to board connection.

MPE-Garry´s connectors 724/725 are an ideal combination to transmit high currents and low signal levels in one connector with an excellent price-performance ratio.

Details of these new parts can be found here.

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