EMC Prototyping Kits from MPE-Garry

A new, two part prototyping kit for EMC shielding covers is now available from MPE-Garry. With this prototyping kit it is easy to shield any area of a printed circuit board against electromagnetic influences.

The kit consists of two sheets of metal where 30 shielding covers in 15 different sizes are precut to be easily broken out by hand. Hand-foldable, etched bend channels allow anyone to bend the sidewalls of a shield from a 2-D into a 3-D finished shield easily, quickly and precisely. The range of sizes is starting at 12 x 12 mm and goes up to 125 x 65 mm with 3 different heights .

Product features:

  • Variable shield heights of 6,00 mm, 12,00 mm or 18,00 mm
  • Quick &  easy shielding solution; Shields are ready to use; no tooling needed
  • Nickel-Silver material offer excellent shielding and solder ability characteristics
  • Easy form-by-hand; bend lines assist creating a formed shield
  • No tooling required

Those shielding´s can be either soldered directly to a printed circuit board or plugged into MPE-Garry´s mounting clip 859-3-L.
Detailed data of these new products can be found here.

For further questions please contact our sales desk.

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