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EMI Shielding Covers Serie 857

Our EMI shielding covers have been developed to shield only a part of electronic equipment from electromagnetic radiation or eliminate them as a source. We offer them customized to fit perfect with your application. For a detailed quote, please let us have your drawing / dimensions together with the requested quantity. Our very flexible manufacturing processes together with our most modern CNC production allows to supply any size within a very short delivery time.

These two-piece shielding covers are a perfect solution for automated assembly processes. The frame can be placed on the PCB with any automated pick and place equipment and the part can go through any reflow soldering process. Their damping features are the same as the one-piece solution. To fit perfect with your application the parts will be manufactured as per your need. For a quotation, please send us a drawing with all relevant dimensions.

For prototyping we are offering prototype kits. For detailed information please click here.

857-2 (EMI Shielding Covers  Serie 857)
+Technische Daten
S - Tin plate
+Zeichnung / Abmessungen
857-2 (EMI Shielding Covers  Serie 857)

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