Connectors B2B/W2B
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Connectors B2B/W2B


Pinheaders, connectors for printed circuit boards, SMD / SMT, through hole, reflow, wave soldering, wire wrap, press fit versions with precision turned, stamped and formed contacts. Customized connectors.

Socket connectors

Female headers / Socket strips for printed circuit boards for SMD / SMT, through hole, reflow or wave soldering or for wire wrap or press fit termination. All parts are available with stamped, formed or precision turned contacts. Customized connectors.

Wire to Board

Connectors for wire to board or wire to wire applications. Versions for flat ribbon cables with IDC contacts or crimp contacts. Customized connectors.


Jumper and jumper blocks for all common pitches. Customized connectors.


Spare contacts for use with our connectors.

Terminal Blocks

Standard terminal blocks for wire-to-board.