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Pin Header Sandwich 1,00 mm Series 359 Variant 2

Pin headers, Pin Header Sandwich 1,00 mm

Sandwich pin headers 1,00 mm pitch and 0,30 mm square pins. Different pin length and plating options available.

Available variations
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Technical data
Pitch (mm) 1,00
Pincount 2, 4, 6, 8 ... 100
Mating contact size ø 0,30
Polarising No
Locking No
Material contact Copper alloy
Plating contact Au, Sn
Material insulator High temp. thermoplast UL94V-0
Rated current 1,0 A
Rated voltage 100 V RMS / V DC
Withstand voltage 250 V RMS for 1 Minute
Operating temperature -40°C to +105°C
Max. processing temper. 260°C for 10 seconds
Board termination Through hole Through hole
Orientation to PCB Vertical Vertical
No of rows 2
Row distance (code) 100 mil
Row distance (mm) 1
Contact style Die cut
Socket layout DIL strip (Dual-in-line) DIL strip (Dual-in-line)
Packaging Standard
A (Length) 21,3
B (Mating) 7, Custom
L 6,50, Custom
A (Length)B (Mating)CL
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