New Rewireable Cord Connectors available at MPE-Garry

Most recently MPE-Garry has introduced two new cord connectors to the market. In detail these are mains appliance in- and outlets for cold conditions and a nominal current of 16A which means standards C19 and C20.

Those parts are very easy to assemble and the opening go very quick and comfortable with only one central screw. An integrated strain and tension relief assures an accurate and save positioning of the cable. Both parts are suitable for use with standard cables H05VVF, H05RR-F or H05RN-F in AWG 14 or AWG 16. Available for this new series is an ENEC, as well as an UL approval according EN 60320.

And to crown it all, at the end, we can supply both items ex stock.

Details can be found on our homepage using ids 729 and 730.